5 Ways to Improve your Child's Speech and Language During the Bedtime Routine

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2022

As parents, we are busy! There are so many skills to work on, especially in your child’s first year. Rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking, and now we’re asking you to also work on your child’s speech and language skills. Cue the burnout!

Parental burnout is real, which is why we have a solution: work on speech and language skills in your daily routines… like bedtime!

There are so many ways we can focus on speech and language without making a huge change to your day. Here are five ways to work speech and language skills into the bedtime routine you do every day!

  1. Make your routine predictable. Young children thrive on routines when they know what will come next. Talk through your routine using words like first, second, third, next, then and have your child fill in the blanks. For example, “first we’re going to brush our teeth. Then, we are going to _____.”
  2. Use visual aids. Visual aids help your child know what will come next and helps them to feel secure and in control. Visual aids can be in the forms of photos, words, or even the objects left out. If your toddler or child is having trouble check out Sleepy Bunny's Customizable Bedtime Routine chart as part of the Bedtime Bundle here
  3. Reading and Singing. An activity such as a book or song helps your little one decompress, relax, and connect with you, the caregiver. Plus, books and songs expose your child to so much great language they do not get from regular conversation!
  4. Give your child choices. Choices can lead to better cooperation and participation in the routine. Choices are also a great way to give your child control of the routine, but not completely take over. For example, “do you want to wear the pink pajamas or the yellow pajamas?”
  5. Have fun! If a child is having a hard time transitioning through the steps of the routine, it can be helpful to add in some fun! Turn it into a game (can you put your pajamas on in less than 30 seconds), use fun voices, or have a puppet act out the routine with your child.

Now all that’s left is to exchange hugs, kisses, and cuddles and it’s off to bed! By including these five steps into your bedtime routine, you and your child will both enjoy quality time together and your child’s communication skills will grow stronger!

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Jade and Jennifer,

Pediatric Speech Language Pathologists,
Sandbox Speech Therapy



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