I know you want your baby to be a great little sleeper. Instead, your nights are rough or your naps are a mess. Below are tools and resources to help your baby learn to sleep independently through the night and take restful naps. (so YOU can get some rest too!)


Newborn Sleep Guide (0-15 weeks adjusted)

38 pages of everything you need to know for newborn sleep from nursery set up to putting your baby down without waking them.

An in-depth sleep guide to help build solid sleep foundations without sleep training. 

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Early Morning Wakes Course

Figure out the causes of early morning wakes and what you can do to get your little ones to sleep in longer!

Perfect to help your baby, toddler or child (and therefore yourself!) get some more zzz's in the wee hours of the morning regardless if they're sleep trained or not. 


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 Bedtime Made Easy: Printable Toddler Bundle

Everything that you could need to help your child feel motivated to fall asleep independently and stay in their beds all night long!

This printable bundle includes a pre-made and a blank bedtime routine chart, positive affirmation cards, a "bedtime pass", and a reward chart. The charts and pass include two copies, a dark and light version.  

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What Would It Be Like If...

  You felt like yourself again

  Your little one got the rest they need to thrive

  You knew how to support your babe to sleep

  You got time to yourself around a predictable nap routine

… All you need is my Baby Sleep Course!

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My Baby Sleep Course is right for you if...


You’re tired of:

Not having the energy to handle all the things you need to do, and not being confident in how you can support your baby’s sleep.


You’re ready to:

Commit to the sleep plan and stay consistent when you’re supporting your babe.


You know:

Your little one can learn to sleep independently with a few routine tweaks.

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An instant identity and something they would like to achieve so they know it’s a perfect fit.
An instant identity and something they would like to achieve so they know it’s a perfect fit.

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