I’m Jessica, here to help you take your sleep back without losing your mind (and let your little one get the rest they need too).




I’m Jessica, here to help you take your sleep back without losing your mind (and let your little one get the rest they need too).


There’s no tired like mama tired, am I right?

It’s hard to care for yourself, be present, go to work, show up for those around you, and do all the things when you’re exhausted. My role is to guide you as you support your little one to learn healthy, independent sleep habits.

Sleep is a necessity for our babes, just as much as it is for us! Your wellness matters, and I am here to help you get you and your babe back on the road to rest. You can’t be everything you want to be when you’re worn out!

When you trust me with teaching your babe to sleep independently, you can expect more rest, more confidence, and more freedom! All while I give you support when it feels tough, and a customized sleep plan that is tailored towards your comfort levels. I do everything I can to make sure my clients succeed with helping their babe to sleep.


I help you and your babe get the rest you need to function and thrive, without using methods that aren't right for your family.

I know what you're going through. As a first time mom, I would spend hours every night rocking to daughter to sleep. It was okay for a while, but I quickly ran out of steam (and sanity!). My physical, mental, emotional health and my relationships suffered. I got so much advice from well-meaning people in my life, but nothing helped. I knew something had to change, but I didn’t know how.

Sound familiar?

I was desperate for a full night’s rest, and dug deep into how to make that happen. And wow, it made ALL the difference! My daughter went from needing 5 hours of rocking, to independently sleeping 12 hours stretches in a matter of days! I couldn’t believe it was actually working, and I was feeling like myself again. I knew I needed to help other parents. 

When I say I’ve been there, I’ve been there! 

While nothing teaches like personal experience, I also became a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, and have taken courses in counselling and early development and have degrees in Biology and Education. Through teaching and Sleep Consulting, I’ve gained a holistic view on young children and how their brain works (and how important sleep is to that!). 

Struggling so hard with Lily’s sleep drove me to sleep consulting. I believe that everyone deserves to feel rested, confident, and balanced as a person.

Sleepy Bunny Sleep Consulting exists to help caregivers go from exhausted, frustrated, and anxious, to feeling rested, confident, and like themselves again.