How My Daughter Went From Taking 5hrs To Fall Asleep To Sleeping Through In ONE Night

newborn sleep May 02, 2023

In May of 2019, I became a mom but things didn't go how I had pictured. Getting Lily earth side turned out to be a little complicated and things didn't get any simpler when we got home. 

I had just spent 8 months of my life diving deep into labour and birthing and figured the whole what-to-do-after-birth thing would just happen, it's all a natural process right? Everyone sleeps, eats, and poops right?

But Lily didn't. 

My family would have to come over during their lunch hours to hold or be beside Lily so I could shower and it would take me upwards of 5 hours at night to get her to sleep. I didn't dare ask for help because I had convinced myself that if I woke my husband up, he'd crash his car on his way to work.

I was a zombie and was so sleep deprived and hormonal that at the time, I didn't even realize how deep I had gotten

The one thing that I was able to recognize though was that holding a crying baby when I was crying and freaking out myself was NOT calming her.

So I turned to google and started to learn about baby sleep, that it's not like adult sleep (I was so naïve), and how babies brains and bodies actually functioned. 

Then I applied some of the things I'd learned, and that night, 

Lily slept through the night and woke up, happy! 

She started napping, I started sleeping. I started healing and feeling more like myself and Lily started to become a happier, more well-rested baby. 

We went from trying to survive, to starting to thrive!

And that's what sparked a light in me, I thought, if I could go from that state of constant struggle to sleeping easily with just a few simple changes (we didn't even formally sleep train), I NEED to help other families change their lives too! 

So I got certified and since then have been committed to helping families like you thrive, instead of simply surviving.

My own story is the reason I created a comprehensive Newborn Sleep Guide. I created it thinking of my former self, expecting and focusing way too much on getting the baby out and not at all on what happens when baby(or babies) get here. 

It has EVERYTHING you need to know about newborn sleep (0-15 weeks) from;

-Setting up your sleep space to promote sleep,

-What safe sleep looks like in different situations,

-Your baby's biological needs and how they change,

-What to expect (and when) during the newborn stage and

-Shaping sleep to promote solid stretches while respecting your little one's biological need for comfort and feeding (this guide was reviewed and approved by an ILCBC). 


My dream was that this guide would help new parents prepare for what life with a newborn is actually about and give them the tools to hopefully never even have to stress about sleep or have to even think about sleep training for that matter!

If you're expecting, or you have a friend or family member that you're getting a baby shower gift for, pick up your Newborn Sleep Guide today to give them the gift of sleep and help them enjoy every moment of their maternity leave, not simply survive it. 


Sweet dreams, 



Your Sleep Bestie 😘


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